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Kompetenzverbund Kunststoffbauteil Leoben

RETINA: material school & business mentoring workshop

The focus of this event is to present scientific work of the individual partners as well as high qualified lectures in the area of material characterisation, in order to demonstrate the possibilities of cooperation as well as the conversion of the product innovations on the free market.

The RETINA project aims at building a unique network of established laboratories with fundamental experience in materials science. By that way RETINA provides research centers as well as companies of all sized access to this research network via the " single entry point". This will increase the potential of reaching critical mass in R&D in the program area, encourage companies to invest in R&D, and therefore increase the competitiveness of structurally weak regions with respect to innovation and productivity.

The main focus of the investigations to be carried out within RETINA is set on material characterization, addressing both inorganic materials as well as polymers and their composites.